service concept

service concept

Service concept: customer is our business collaborator, customer service; Is all of our work, we in line with the principle of "boutique, integrity, gratitude, business" timely, enthusiasm to create lasting value for customers! We provide diversified communication channels according to the personalized needs of customers, and conscientiously solve problems for customers.

Service tenet: we have strong research and development strength, advanced experimental production equipment, more than 15 years of field application experience, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality products, is committed to solving any field problems for customers, we are committed to become the industry leader!


In order to ensure your rights and interests, we have a special complaint telephone, if you have any dissatisfaction with the company's service or product quality, please call the complaint telephone :0755-86227019, in order to ensure your rights and interests, we may record this phone call, please understand!

The concept of 5S: "5S" refers to the acronym of "SMILE, SPEED, honesty, SMART and STUDY". The concept of "5S" is the most representative service culture innovation, which not only has the characteristics of the era with full humanization, but also has a considerable operability.

Smile: a moderate smile. Sales staff to customers have a considerate heart, it is possible to give a real smile.

Quick: work as fast as possible, the sincere action and considerate heart of the sales staff will cause customer satisfaction.

Sincerity: to work in a sincere and not hypocritical manner is an important basic attitude of salesmen and the basic principle of dealing with people.

Dexterity: to receive customers in a clean and agile way, to gain customers' trust with a flexible and ingenious working attitude.

Research: learn and master commodity knowledge, study customer psychology and reception and coping skills.